7 Aesthetic Minimalist Home Interior Design that Don’t Make You Bored!

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Minimalist home interior design trends are still popular today. Besides giving a modern impression, minimalist home interior design is also quite easy to apply. Often the main choice makes many who think that minimalist home interior design has become monotonous, mainstream, and boring. In fact, with more exploration, you can present a minimalist home interior design that is bolder and not boring. As below!

1. Give a Natural Touch

7 Aesthetic Minimalist Home Interior Design that Don't Make You Bored!

The concept of minimalist home interior design can also be combined with a little natural nuance through the placement of room decorations in the form of ornamental plants. The presence of plants in a minimalist home interior design will give the impression of warm and fresh minimalist space that generally feels stiff and cold.

2. Game Color of Home Interior

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Design Generally a minimalist home interior design comes with a limited choice of color palettes, does not mean the appearance of a minimalist home interior design can not be seen alive and eccentric.Mix colors that contrast with neutral colors like black, white, or gray with a proportion of the more dominant neutral color. With a blend of colors like this, you can get a more dynamic appearance of color compositions even though the concept is minimalist.

3. More Dynamic Geometric Shapes


Minimalist home interior design is also synonymous with basic geometric shapes. The application of these forms to the minimalist home interior design that is repetitive will certainly make the home atmosphere become monotonous.Outsmart this by using modified geometric shapes so they look more dynamic. Like the previous point, the color gradation game can also be applied to furniture to create a more dynamic minimalist furniture design.

4. Give a Surprise Element to Minimalist Home Interior

Design So that minimalist home interior design does not feel boring, one trick you can try to apply is to provide a surprise element. This can be done by inserting a modern furniture with an eccentric design in the midst of minimalist furniture, or providing a garden in the house.

5. Composition and Polar Games

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To liven up an attractive minimalist home interior design, one of the elements that you can create is the existing patterns in the room. In order not to appear friendly and full so as to damage the minimalist concept in the room, use patterns with harmonious composition and color tones. For example, apply a monochrome pattern on a sofa, pillow, or room carpet.

6. Open Minimalist Home Interior

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Design Still related to the concept of a minimalist home interior design before, adapting the open concept to the room will also help the minimalist design of the room feel more alive. In addition, the creation of the existing garden design will also help turn on the interior design which now looks like the room is connected.

7. Turn on a Minimalist Home Interior Design with Texture


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In addition to patterns and colors, you can also experiment with textures on your minimalist home interior design to make it feel more pleasant and not monotonous.Attractive textures that are suitable for a minimalist interior can be obtained from materials such as natural stone, wood floors, wallpaper, carpets, and various other materials. Although free to experiment, be wise in choosing textures to prevent the interior from losing its minimalist essence.With the proper arrangement and use of elements, you can create a minimalist home interior design that is more lively and not boring, right?

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